Through the financial and emotional support of friends, family and fans we are propelled forward through this endeavour...

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Hand made Jewelry available through ETSY, created by the visionary behind Hipnautica, Sky, inspired by the sustainability of our planet, and the found object and dyi aspects of the Steampunk Movement. Below are three samples but visit

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CURRENT CD's Available

CLICK HERE TO ORDER EXILE for $5 which includes;
Destination is Unknown, Cyanide, Exile Convulsion and Volatile

During the summer of 2009, Hipnautica released EXILE, dedicated to the fire within Hipnautica. EXILE, the first in a quadratic series which will be dedicated to different elements that make Hipnautica what we are. The music of this first CD presents some of our classic songs with more energy, heavier guitar lines, new synth lines and all new vocalizations. The new album includes the work of some of our longest standing members. (Erik Ryan, Pixie, and Xhi) as well as new members (Blue, Guymon Adams & Al Montana). Sky's compositions are brought to full fruition with himself on Vocals and Machines, Pixie on Convulsion & Xhi on Volatile joined by Guymon Adams (guitars) on all trax, Erik Ryan (bass) on Convulsion, Blue (drums and vocals) and Al Montana (bass) on Volatile. "After working on these recordings for nearly 6 months, I think the results are most definitely hands down the best recordings of my music career and I'm very proud of Exile and what Hipnautica has become in the last 3 years.... ~sky".

Thistle CD Cover by Hipnautica

CLICK HERE TO ORDER THISTLE for $6 which includes;

Whisper Walker, Breathing In Your Love, Thistle, Fold Into Me, Luscious Oxygen, Soul Fire

Thistle, the second in the quadratic series dedicated to a more uplifting sound, a more positive vibe and a more classic, electronica, and trance sound illustrated by the element of Air, was released on May 14th, 2010 @ UNTERVELT. Sky's all original live electronic tracks and profoundly reverent lyrical content are brought to life thanks to the vocal support of Pixie, as well as featuring live viola & violin by Andrew Noble and cello by Solomon, as well as live guitars by Erik Ryan and live bass by Al Montana. This albums main message is "The world is a beautiful place if only we'd open our eyes to see."


CLICK HERE TO ORDER ABRAZADO for $6 which includes
Exotic Universe, Abrazado, The Current, Dance of Infinity, The Caravan + a bonus track

Abrazado, is the third part of the quadratic series dedicated to a more organic sound and while centered around positive energy, has discerning hints of overwhelming emotional depth featuring both classical lines, epic soundscapes, gypsy influenced dub step, and heavy electronic roots with an obvious influence from the ocean and deeply inspired by water, was released on June 9th on South Padre Island at the Padre Bar in 2011, thanks to the support of Odio 84, the Crescent Moon, and Ben Neece of the Lords of d'Nile and the lovely ladies of Reinas de Saba. All the songs on this album were written, composed and recorded by Kelly "Sky" Reed, Abrazado features the guitar work of Dan Marsh, and Dance of Infinity features the beautiful vocals of Sarah Flo, who we worked with back in 2009-2011. The title song "Abrazado" is the first time Sky has ever sung in Spanish, and he felt compelled thanks to the embrace of so many good friends from the Rio Grande Valley, the underlying message of this album is to "Embrace the waves, to Embrace Life and accept the changes within our lives without expectation." Because this album represents the ocean Sky has included a hidden track to represent mysteries we have yet to discover within the depths, the hidden track 6 is an organic experimental soundscape, with hints of electronic dance music, and is called "Swarming Caterpillars" and it's technically the longest song on the album, inspired by the likes of FSOL, and Pentaphobe.


H1Z1 Zombie Music  ~ Limited Deadtiion CD


H1Z1 Zombie SoundTrack, Sentimental Scars, Terra EBM, Atmosphere X, The Invasion

The "H1Z1 Zombie Music CD, "Sentimental Scars", after being invited to headline the Zombie Music Showcase at Scare for a Cure's H1Z1 Zombie Apocalypse Haunted House in October 2010, Sky began working on a sound track to run before their performance, and in between sets. The results is this limited edition H1Z1 Zomibe Music CD, which is called Sentimental Scars. Imagine yourself speeding down a deserted highway through the desert escaping from the Zombie Hordes, featuring glitched out, industrial, post apocalyptic sound tracks, a Halloween sound track but with integrity. The CD sells for $8, $3 of which is to be donated to SCARE FOR A CURE, to help raise awareness of one o
Austin's best haunted houses.