Welcome kindred sprits of the world.

You are probably here to find out what Hipnautica is, first of all don't think of us as a band, we are more like a collective, a tribe, perhaps even more like a production company that just so happens to include the talents of musicians, dancers, visual artists, stage designers, sound/lighting and stage technicians to bring dramatic and bold performances to life led by composer, visionary, and creative director... Kelly "Sky" Reed, one of Austin's first solo electronic musicians. Today he writes music to inspire other musicians and performers to join him on stage to bring years of other worldly inspirations to life.

Hipnautica is more dynamic than one might imagine, Sky chooses to work feverishly to bring together dynamically different personalites and talents to bring his visions to life, song that have evolved over time, and represents a fusion of sound, style and emotion. As we should allow ourselves to evolve, Hipnautica is constantly growing and ever changing.. The soundscape you hear is an example of Sky's ambient tracks - imagine this playing as your enter our arena, before being bombarded by the live and electronic soundscapes, live performance artists, dancers, and a multimedia ensemble of light and sound.

At times, yes Hipnautica is just a band and can be found within many live venues and dance clubs all over Texas and beyond, but they've also been known to present very complicated stage designs for Do512, Scare for a Cure, and their own theatric productions such as the underground opera ATMEN, ,a story of Hope and Fear...

We stand together, brothers and sisters, on the edge of possibility limited only by our imagination and our ability to face our fears. Preparing for our new production. We appreciate your support and hope you join us at one of our live shows, in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans and beyond. Always willing to travel so contact to book a show in your town, state or country altered reality.


"Open your soul and I will dive right in,
it's the only way to be it's the only way I've been."